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Verified Purchase, Vera M.
Milan, Italy

"My entire flat (apartment)  smells delicious right now. My fiancé loves the 3:AM body oil and cream on me. I am so happy right now. Your products make me happy. I love taking baths and self care. I'm here shedding tears, how grateful I am because of your creations with your products. You have a lifetime customer in me."

Verified Purchase, Nicole M. Wyoming

"The scents from these products are aromatherapy for me. I'm a returning customer and I would highly recommend the milk bath soak. I bought "Everything Silk Soak" and it has truly eased the tension I was feeling. My body feels so relaxed and my skin smells so good and feels silky. Your products are the bomb!"

Verified Purchase, Havanah G. Atlanta, GA

"Everything from the body cream Vanilla Crunch, to the Milk Bath soaks and bath bombs that comes with it, down to my absolute favorite the 3:AM body oil has truly become my favorite self-care go-to routine products in my household. It rivals Michael Kors and I've been a Michael Kors classic girl for many years. That says a lot about my love for these products. Would recommend to anyone!"  



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