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Image by Amy Luo

About Us



Spring blossomed a new idea for me, creating anti-aging body care products that will leave you smelling and feeling delightful!


It all started on one beautiful day in May (the last day to be exact). I spontaneously treated myself to a one-of-a-kind juice bar. During my visit the owner and I sparked up a conversation. I shared with her how I wanted to start my own business but didn't know what it would look like. Fast forward toward the end of our conversation there was a quiet moment when she had to step away. I was still sitting at the table looking outside at the lovely view of Brooklyn, NY. Then and only then I heard a voice of the universe whispered, "Beauty Bar!" I began to look around and repeated "Beauty Bar?" That's when it clicked to me!
Being a mother, daughter, sister, and friend, I get the opportunity to show up for others daily. While acknowledging to make it my priority to take care of myself first. To relax, meditate, and recuperate. "Self & Soul-care" may look different for all of us because we're different. I want people to embrace their most gorgeous unique qualities. This is what I'm passionate about. It fills me with much joy to create a line of various products where "Self & Soul-care" are best friends. From the moment our products meet your skin, you can feel the nourishment and love you're giving yourself. There are no harsh chemicals, only handmade with LOVE. 

Here at Moyéa Skin, we dedicate our mission for all persons who are healing on their journey of self-discovery. Unapologetically walking in their truth and purpose. Allowing themselves to love on themselves a little bit extra, one step at a time. Gently holding space for those who have yet to arrive there. The qualities to be a part of the #MoyéaSkin community is staying judgement free | having positive vibes | and lots & lots of love! So, I welcome you to our new playhouse...this is only the beginning! 



Most of all have fun! Remember to be gentle with yourself. You're doing a great job!  #LOVEONYOU



CEO & Founder of Moyéa Skin

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